I took a break from coding and semi retired back in 2000. This however proved to be quite boring. I starting playing around coding again but more in a managerial role, this did not offer the same satifaction so 2014 I started again. Even in the 4 year gap things had progressed a lot and the attention to mobile users and SEO had increased drastically. This offered new challanges which was a perfect excuse to roll up my sleves and get hands on and start coding again.

Currently working on many projects, mostly E-commerce related at the moment


Printer of business cards and short run printed products for the UK market.

Page Explorer

A small SEO project.
Got a little fed up of looking at source code to check what was going on. This site has quite a bit going on behind the scenes with different tools, some maybe release as products at some point.


Forum and tuturial site for every curry related. More of a personal project simply as I love indian style food.


Was asked to take this small job on which proved to be more challenging than it may appear. To tell the current time anywhere in the world. Sounds simple :)


A purchasing platform for locating products. a portal for Amazon, eBay plus over 400 high street stores and brands.

Kiss The Miss Goodbye

A wedding supply website which I use as a live test site and for trying out new ideas for beanprint.

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