Over the years there has been many projects but a few of the highlights are listed below.


Sharenow peer to peer networking

A system which allowed users to share media and large files using peer to peer techniques with friends and family, turning users PC's into servers for choosen content.

A social networking layer was added added allowing users to promote their digital works. Became popular with many music groups and artists such as Katy Perry, Run-D.M.C. to name a few.


Izimi chat system using peer to peer networking

A very popular chat system using the peer to the peer network developed for sharenow. Allowed voice calls as well as text messaging and large file transfer. Similar to what Skype is today.

Although this client was only developed to test the peer to peer technology it took everyone by supprise by its growth.

Force Internet

Force Internet a design company

A collection of very talented people designing and writting websites for clients, Customers included ASOS, Harrods, Go Barking Mad to name a few..


Scoot logo

The orginal B2C database, floated on AIM and NASDAQ, Grew from 3 people to over 2,500 in 7 years.
Started life as Freepages but re-branded to allow expansion into Europe. In its hayday made the ftse 100.

Left in 1999


Developed low level utilities and libraries for commercial sale. Developed graphic, compression and secuirity utilities used by many blue chip companies.

Although this was prior to the internet becoming mainstream we developed what has become known as webcams using standard telephone lines for the transmission of highly compressed video and voice.

So many more...

To be fair there has been so many great projects over the years it almost seems a shame to leave them out.

However a lot of these companies in their infant years and as such many never survived to market. After the 7th redundancy I decided to take control of my own destiny and work for myself. CCP was the first of these ventures.

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