Sales History

We're excited to welcome you to our eBay sales history page! With this page, you can easily access the complete sales history of any item ID on eBay.

Our page provides a simple and easy-to-use interface where you can enter an item ID and view its sales history.

  • You can see information such as the date and time of the sale,
  • the price at which the item was sold,
  • the buyer's username (part),
  • and the item's condition.

Whether you are a seller looking to research the market or a buyer wanting to check the pricing history of an item, our eBay sales history page is an essential tool for anyone interested in buying or selling on eBay.

This feature was previously a standard on eBay, but it was removed from the general public view in March 2023.
This tool is currently available as eBay has left the backdoor open. Although it may cease to function in the future, it is currently working well.

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