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Director and co-founder of Beanprint, a company I started with my daughters so is a real family-run small business. It has grown over the years and currently employs 12 talented employees. It's a fast-paced environment with no 2 days being the same. 

Beanprint is a "same day short run printer", specialising in supplying small businesses and personalised goods from labels and stickers, calendars to business cards.

Written in C# and Jquery. MS SQL backend. The site contains many 1000's user editable templates.

Just Curry


I LOVE FOOD. My favourite cuisines primarily consist of Asian origins, such as authentic Indian, BIR (British Indian Restaurant style cooking), and Thai dishes.

Having tasted the delights of Indian cuisine back in the mid 70's I went on a quest to learn and be able to cook the food I had experienced at home. Over the years I have had the privilege of being invited into restaurant kitchens to experience what it's like to work in a busy kitchen environment. I have much respect for these chefs who work tirelessly in a hot and at times hectic environment. I have hosted many parties over the years cooking mostly BIR-styled food. Catering for up to 100 people it has pushed my skill and preparation skill levels.

After receiving many requests from friends and family about how they can produce their favourite meals themselves I decided to put a finger on the keyboard to share how to recreate these meals themselves.

Written in C# and Jquery. MS SQL backend.

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