In the world of modern web, icons have become an indelible and integral part of UI design. From navigation menus to social media icons, symbols and indicators, icons feature heavily on almost every single website and app on the internet and its popularity showing no signs of waning anytime soon.
Consequently, every developer has to face this conundrum - Which icon set should they use?

Listed below are a few of the ones I tend to have in my toolkit which cover most projects I work on.

Simple line icons

As the name applies, a simple set of simple icons. However really nice and useful set which I believe project has now been abandoned.

To keep these icons alive I have included them here.

Font Awesome v4.7.0

A older version of the now charged for famous icon library.

Very populer and useful set of icons.

Icon finder

Still struggling to find a icon?

Icon finder has more than 232,355 free vector icons in one place. Download all the free icons in SVG and PNG formats. Use them for web design, mobile apps, or presentations.

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